Fall and winter must haves on a budget


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So I went shopping recently, a few times actually in order to get items to complete my existing wardrobe with this falls hottest trends. The thing is … I have big plans for next year and I’m actually on a saving money mode. But that wont stop this fashionista on following this seasons trends and especially not from shopping. SO I decided to stay on budget and get some essentials to work with what I already have.

I decided to get a few of seasons biggest statement pieces by keeping it simple and versatile so that I can create many different outfits by reusing the same items.

Here a few of the items I got a at very affordable price. So I decided to share them with you … and hopefully you will get a few of them because they look great on and are very very affordable.

Trend #1: Red and beet Red clothing items

I got this dress at forever 21 and it costed only 14.50$+tx (in Can $) it is called the Scoop Back Bodycon Dress and you can get it  at their online shop that is linked here.



Wear it with a thin or large belt around the waist. Looks great  alone for a night out or with leggings for colder weather and daytime outfits. You can also wear a cardigan over for the office.

Trend #2: colored pants and forest green.

I got these pants at H&M for 14.95$+tx (in Cad $) you can get the trousers at an H&M store near you (I’ve put a link for your information).

Wear them as a great color accent with white, beige and leather. Looks great and balances out any outfit with a shirt that has prints (since printed clothing is still very in this season).


I also got this Sevilla LS Blouse for 25$+tx (in Can $) from Vero Moda at Winners in the same dark forest green color. Knits come back each fall and winter and are so easy and comfortable to dress.

Wear it with any casual outfit. Looks great with jeans and White pants. I love to add a nice scarf and accessories to dress it up a little. I Couldnt find a link online where to buy but you can loock it up here only in an diffrent color.


Trend # 3: Prints and whites.

I got these tribal printed white trousers at H&M for 14.95$+tx (in Can $) you can find them in a local H&M store.

I love these pants, they add an extra kick to a simple black or white sweater every time. Add some Gold accents and nice accessories and Voila!!


Trend # 5: Pastel

This is an unusual trend color for fall but I love it!!  I got two sweaters From H&M in pastel mint green.

I got a silky studded blouse for under 30$ and the knitted top worn by Lana del Ray in the fall collection for H&M for 19.95$+tx (in Cnd $).









I love to wear these items with white pants and light jeans. The blouse is great for the office and has that great it collar.20121021-155838.jpg

Trend #6 peter pan collars.

Well I cheated for this particular trend by getting this pretty peter pan collar inspired necklace. You can wear it with any sweater and add that peter pan collar anytime to your outfit.

I got it at H&M for around 19$ (in Cnd $)


Trend # 7 Gold accessories

Gold accents complete any outfit this fall especially if you wear them around the neck.

So I got this Gold necklace from H&M for under 15$ since I already own plenty gold accents, but I love it since it has some white enamel accents and you can also wear it as a bracelate.




Sorry I could find a link to a direct source for each item, but you know where to get them if interested.

Hope this helped you out for shopping inspiration on a budget.  The only thing left to do for me is to have fun and pair everything now with what I already own!!

Have a fashionable fall and winter and thanx for stopping by!!


How to have a golden fall with the new black : beet red


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Here is the perfect manicure to create for this fall for every fashionista out there. A manicure inspired by the recent trends: mate nails, beet red colors and why not a touch of gold for a more glamorous and polished effect.

This goes perfectly with all the outfits and trends out there this season. We know that the it color of this fall and winter is red. To be precise the dark and beet red colors are the colors of every fashion show or magazine you look at. The it accessory, as most of you know, is a gold accent, especially around the neck. So why not combine the two and create the it nail manicure by adding the mate effect that is so popular for nails now!!

Here is how…


You will need : A base coat nail polish, a gold nail polish, a dark beet red colored polish and a mattifying top coat polish.

I used …

Essies grow stronger fortifying treatment base coat that you can get here : http://www.essie.com/shop/grow-stronger-FORTIFYING-GROWTH-TREATMENT-p-104.html

Joe fresh nail polishes in sun kissed for the gold color and beet. I couldn’t find a link for the gold color I guess it’s because it must be from their previous collection, but here is a link so you can look up the information for the beet polish :http://www.joefresh.com/en/product/nail-polish-beet

Sorry I don’t have a link for you to buy it online, but I hope you can find a store near you where they sell the brand because there polishes are a very good quality for a unexpensive price!!

Mate finish top coat by butter london that you can get here : http://butterlondon.ca/lacquers/base/top-coat/matte-finish-topcoat

1- Apply two coats of your favorite base coat polish on perfectly cleaned nails.



2-Apply two coats of your favorite gold polish on your nails and let dry perfectly.



3-Apply a dark red polish on top of the gold color by out leaving a little straight line at the bottom of each nail. I did this with the brush only, but you can use tape or nail lacquer stencils used for french manicure to help you out.

20121020-201634.jpg     20121020-201739.jpg

Here is what the result looks like. You can keep it like this or add the next step.


4-Last and the magic step is by applying a mattifying top coat on only the red colored part of your nail.




A tip is to let your nails dry very well between applications for each step. And be careful after applying the mattifying top coat because it seems to take a while to dry properly and this means you can mess up your manicure if not careful enough.

Let me know what you think!! And hope you try it out cuz it looks even better in real life since the pictures don’t do it justice!!

thanks for stopping by 😉


A Mani inspired by Cinderella’s Dress


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Here is a manicure inspired by the recent Cinderella by Sephora’s collection I blogged about in my last post. It’s inspired by Cinderella’s dress and is perfect for the frosty winter weather to come. Plus it goes perfectly with any outfit especially with the whites and pastels that are somehow very in this fall and winter.

If you want to recreate this manicure Just keep on reading.

First you will need to wash your hands, clean your nails with polish remover and trim your nails to the desired length.

Then you will need a silvery polish, a purpely & blueish glitter polish, a base and top coat polish.


I used: Essie’s grow stronger base coat and good to go top coat. I also used So Totally Enchanted and Step Off Sister from Sephora by O.P.I out of  Cinderella’s by Sephora polish collection.


Step one: Apply 1 coat of your favorite base coat for polish.20121008-191504.jpg

Step two: Apply two coats of the silver polish of your choice.


Step 3: Apply the glitter polish unevenly on the top of your nails. Create 3 thin vertical lines starting from the middle of each nail your till the tip and the fill in the space between the lines only at the tip. This will create that icy and uneven look.

Step 4: Apply the top coat of your choice. This will also help the lines of the clear glitter polish to disappear, leaving an even effect. This step is very important when using glittery polishes because it helps so that the glitter doesn’t get stuck within the fibers of your clothing when you get dressed.




Here are the links where you can get the products online:

– Grow stronger base coat by Essie : http://www.essie.com/shop/grow-stronger-FORTIFYING-GROWTH-TREATMENT-p-104.html

– Good to go top coat by Essie : http://www.essie.com/shop/good-to-go-p-110.html

– So totally Enchanted and Step off sister from Sephora by O.P.I from the Walt Disney Cinderella by Sephora limited collection : http://www.sephora.com/a-brush-with-fate-nail-polish-set-P375916


Hope you try it out! 😉

October magic is in the pumpkin


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As a little girl I would belive in magic. I wanted to find the perfect prince charming and live in a big castle. Cinderella was one of my favorite fairytale and tought me that if you belive in your dreams just strong enough, they become true. Let me tell you… Cinderella was right.

All grown up I found my prince charming, have realized many dreams and can’t wait to realize some more. Deep down I’m still that little girl believing in magic.

Not only has Walt Disney’s Cinderella story concurred many little girls hearts when I was little. It still does! As Many of you know Walt Disney just came out with a new Dimond edition with restored digital colors. What better time than the month of magic pumpkins for the release.  I already have the previous published DVD edition and watch it whit my little sister. I still feel like buying the new one because it’s on blue-ray, but that’s besides the point for this post.

This post is all about the glamour and beauty that comes with cinderella. It’s about Sephora’s first and limited edition of The Disney’s Reigning Beauties Collections to come.  The Limited Disney’s Cinderella by Sephora beauty collection.


I went shopping at Sephora Today with my boyfriend and when I saw the collection I fell in love. Got almost the whole collection. It’s so beautiful and the eyeshadow colors are such a good quality is wonderful. I tought Why not share it with you, so if you like it you still have time to get it yourself since it just came out this month. But hurry it’s limited. Well let me show you the pictures I took from the ones I bought.20121006-181723.jpg


From left : So Totally Enchanted – Step Off, Sister – I Blue My Curfew – Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! – Self-Maid Millionaire – Rags to Rhinestones

I  love the Step Off, Sister glitter polish… sooo beautiful!!


I love all the little names they gave to the diffrent colors and all inspired from directly from the story.20121006-181842.jpg




First I didn’t get the perfume and had only sprayed it on my sweater. Walking around in the mall I got so enchanted by the scent that I had to go back and buy it.


You can get the Disney Cinderella by Sephora collection on sephora.com here is the link:  http://www.sephora.com/disney-cinderella-collection

You can also visit the Disney store online to get the story on dvd or Blue-ray: http://www.disneystore.com/cinderella-blu-ray-and-dvd-combo-pack-diamond-edition/mp/1320016/1000233/

I also got this sweater at forever21 not so long ago, so comfy and nice I wear it on weekends and around the house.




You can get it at forever 21 online store: http://www.forever21.com/product/product.aspx?br=F21&category=top_sweatshirts_hoodie&productid=2019571695&variantid=

I cant wait to use the colors and get inspired.  Hope you were!! Now it’s time for your moment!!

Hair color at home? And still look gorgeous…


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Here is my before and after…and some tips for you out there!!


Everybody knows the real value of fashion and a glamorous impression. If you don’t!? Let me tell you: Expensive!! But does it really have to be ?? Well no! I think with the right amount of fabulous work and inspiration you can accomplish anything. Yes even a good hair coloring job. But careful not every color can and should be achieved at home.

If you ask me coloring your own hair should only been done if you feel comfortable doing it yourself. You have to be confident that what you do will end up looking good. If you’re not sure… don’t do it at all or go do it in the hair-saloon.

My tip for the perfect at home hair coloring achievement is:

1- Only color your hair in the same nuance or darker if you do it yourself.

If you want to go lighter, visit a professional, especially if it is much lighter than what your current color is. Also if your hair is colored, you should see a professional before lightning, since you might have trouble with the pigmentation and he undertones might come out differently as a cause of the pigmentation in your current colour.

Getting lighter is much harder if you want an even color. The heat of your scalp accelerates the lightening process at the roots. Since the ends of your strands are much cooler you might easily end up with super light roots and much much darker ends. Plus, it is a much more chemical procedure that can easily harm your hair. If you still want to do it, then do the exact opposite of my coloring advice, and wait till your ends are light enough before adding the bleach to the two inches near your scalp. If you have long hair and have colored it, start from the ends and slowly work up till the top by waiting between applications as the bleach lightens the ends. But my advise stays the same: lightening your hair is always better done by a professional and with less damage. After all you want shiny and healthy looking hair.

20120927-213434.jpg2- If you color your hair yourself. And I mean color with a shade, not bleach. You should always do your roots first and leave the ends untouched for some extra time. I follow the role: 3/4 of the total time mentioned on the box for the roots and then add the color to your ends for that extra 1/4 of the time left. By roots I mean an approximate of 5 inches to 7 inches of the hair starting from your scalp if it’s the first time you apply the color. You wonder why?? Well because… your ends seem to have much more open cuticles which helps the color to penetrate much easier and faster. The cuticles of the roots are much more closed so it takes a bigger amount of time for the color to work in. By following this rule you get much more of an even coverage effect.

3-If its a retouch, apply only on the visible roots for the first 2-3 touch-ups.

The fort time you touch up your roots follow the 3/4 and 1/4 method mentioned above. This will help you to get an even shade. As you may realize just by looking around that some people seem to have darker ends and lighter roots. It’s not ideal unless you’re doing the ambre trend. It’s explaind by the fact that by recoloring hair completly each time, the color stacks up on the ends as the roots only have one layer of color.


4-Prepare your hair before coloring.

Don’t wash your hair at least a day before coloring. Brush hair throughly. Separate your hair in four even parts using pins. It is much easier to die each part separately than attacking the whole head at once, especially if you have thick hair.

5-People always condition your hair well after coloring.

This will help help to repair damage and the cuticles to close and keep the color sealed. My extra advise: don’t wash hair with hot water, always tend to wash with cooler water. Hot water opens cuticles and open cuticles let the color out, so it fades over time quicker. Cold water closes cuticles, seals in color and gives you shinier looking hair.

6- Of corse respect the skin and skin tone.

Well by skin i mean, cover it up before coloring, put some extra cream around the face or some vaseline. Wear protective gloves and a thin long sleeve sweater you hate (since it might get messy) and a towel. Long sleeve?? … because it protects your arms. By skin tone I mean, don’t go to crazy and seek for colors that match your skin tone nicely. If your not sure, seek professional advice. After all you don’t wanna look like something or someone you don’t want to look alike. 😉

7-Cover up the surface of your bathroom since the color might be hard to wash away.









I used, and it’s one of my all time favorites the perfect 10 colour from clairol you can visit : http://www.clairol.com/en-US/products/perfect-10/high-gloss-hair-dye

Let me know if these tips helped you!! Hope they did. And always be carful and follow the instructions on the box before coloring!!

A fashionable stay at Niagara Falls


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Has anybody ever dreamed of visiting the 7 wonders of the world?? For me I it has been my dream since i was little. A dream that hasn’t changed, but today, that dream has grown. It seems to me I wanna visit the whole world. The thing is, if you visit the world, some places aren’t as clean, comfortable or safe as home! But well you got to take the risk and give some things up to realize your dream! Isnt it so??


When you really want to get a rest and just relax, giving up comfort cleanness and the safe feeling isn’t the best idea! So you get to make choices. What place should you visit in that case (when you’re not so in an adventuress exploring mood)? My go to, since you all know I live in Canada, is Niagara Falls and believe me I’ve visited a few times! Every time is as exiting and fun. The falls, well let’s say, you never get to see them the same way (the same water doesnt fall twice)!

For those who been wondering where I’m getting with this post and why it should interest you!? Well if you ever get to visit I got a few tips to give you about what to do and where to stay!!

The absolute things to do: 1- well of course take a walk next to the falls the view is absolutely breath-taking). My tip is, wake up early in the morning ( I know what your thinking, but still) and take your walk before 9am. Every body is still sleeping and there is none on the falls. You have them for yourself and the feeling is amazing!!

2- if you get to book a hotel book it on the Canadian side. Here is why: you get more attractions on the Canadians side at night. You can shop late for souvenirs, have fun on Clifton hill which is amazing at night in all it’s lights! Days you get to enjoy the american side in all its nature by visiting their great park and walking on the rainbow bridge to get there!

3- where to stay? Well if u ask me I’m all about hotels. I like the fancy ones too… since I’m a germ freak and I’m somehow convinced they are much cleaner than motels or other hotels! Go figure why! Well I’ve visited a few and here are my top 2: The Sheraton on Clifton hill is amazing! Great service, kind employees. And right on Clifton hill. At night you get to walk around, enjoy and shop without having to think about getting back to the hotel… You’re already there… same street,remember! And when you’re in your room, if you booked the right room you get to observe the falls from far, the lights of all the amazing attractions and people walking around at your feet ( they have windows that open so you get to look outside). The other hotels, most commonly, don’t get windows that open up… as a precaution when you book in upper level rooms. And a total plus: they have a Starbucks coffee in the lobby! Now who can complain about that?? But dont book there if you want to see the falls from your room up close, go to…



The second hotel I love: the Oakes hotel overlooking the falls! Now this is the best view of the falls that you can get from a hotel-room. The falls are so close that you have the feeling you can touch them ( not quite, but still!). If you book this hotel get the falssview room and upper level ( floor 8and+) if you want your money’s worth! If you can’t get your hands on such a room, go to Sheraton!! Okay here are some of te other hotels I’ve been to at the falls which are good, but didn’t impress me when you compare $ to view or what they get to offer: Hilton and Marriott!

And for those who want to pay less I suggest comfort inn on Clifton hill: I got to visit it since my mom and sister stayed there last time we went. It looks great, smelled clean, has nice rooms and a great location too! Plus it costs half the price I payed for the other hotels listed above ( but no view included ).


20120918-095020.jpgOkay my must do attractions now if you go: 1-maid of the mist boart trip overlooking the falls. Is great and you get so close that you really do get wet even do they give you a rain poncho! so go when it’s really hot and maybe after pictures if you don’t want a hair disaster. 2-bird kingdom is a great place to visit for animal lovers 3- wax museum on Clifton hill and the ripleys believe it or not museum 4- for those who aren’t scared of heights you should do the sky wheel at nighttime. Just because the view is amazing then!!

My last tip is going to be there on Fridays or saturday in summer since they do fireworks those two nights for the visitors to see!!



Anybody got a september issue of Vogue??


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Every girl I know can’t wait for the september issue of Vogue. As far as I remember the september issue of Vogue has been my favorite issue every year. Ne wonder !! Think about all the effort they put into it to produce  the september issues of Vogue.


When this years issue came out, I couldnt wait to put my hands on it. I automatically bought two of them. I always use one so I can trim the pages and use the ones that inspire me most in my inspiration book. But what I liked most about this issue was the fact that, not only they took the time to loock back in time and publish the pictures they took of the most inspiring fashion icons from their past issues, they actually added 2 covers from their past publication. You can also see Marilyn Monroe’s photo dressed in Christian Dior haute couture from 1962 and Marie-Lise Gres’ picture taken in 1963. I love the vintage pictures and covers they show us this month.

I actually got an idea to frame the two vintage  cover pages of Vogue and hang them in my walk in closet. It gives an extra touch of glamour. And who inspires most Glamour and fashion if it isnt Vogue!!

Here is what you will need to recreate this project yourself!

1-Get an issue of September’s Vogue for God’s sake! Well, get two actually you can never have enough Vogue Magazines lying around if you ask me!

2- Get big enough frames to fit a Vogue page perfectly. I got mine at Wall Mart. Any frames you like will do the trick

3-Cut out the two pages of the vintage Vogue covers that are attached to the cover page of this months issue and put them in the frames!!

There you go you got your vintage Vogue Wall frames all ready to hang!!



Optional: Print out pictures of the fashion icons you like or any fashion inspiration picture and frame them to add an extra touch of glamour to your walls.


Sorry about the quality of these pictures I took, it was late so the lightning wasnt impressive.

The sticky solution to an outfit wow effect.


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Remember the D.I.Y project I did to create a flower ball to dress up your room?? Well as promised here is the dress That inspired that project. Here it finally is!!!20120909-214403.jpg


Even if the summer is coming to an end and the occasions to wear such a summery dress are slowly disappearing there is a pretty good reason for me to show you the dress.

Any one noticed that open back concept?? Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Not only is it sexy, but it also adds something extra to any kind of outfit. An open back creates something special on the plainest and most simple clothing item. It can be a long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, a dress or even a jacket (well… maybe not a jacket…that could be weird!! unless …it is created carefully or by an haute couture designer) an open back is something that can take your outfit to a whole other level of fabulous.

The only way to achieve it to fabulous is by wearing it right!!! Here it is … the PROBLEM!!

How do you pull of an open back with the hold for the front part?? Well ??  By not wearing a bra of corse!!  Okay, relax!! I was just kidding!

What I really mean is = By wearing the right bra, ladies! Well here we have our real reason for this post.


One of my favorite bras and my absolute go to for this kinda situation is what i call ”the sticky bra’’!! You heard right!! It is a bra with no back or shoulder stripes. The front part actually sticks to the skin with some kind of sticky silicone. The front looks like a regular bra with a clip in the middle wich creates a push-up effect. A great solution for dresses with no back, where the regular adjustable bras don’t do any justice at all.


20120909-211826.jpgMy advice is do not wear them every day, because they don’t give you the same support a regular pice would. You don’t want to en up with the nice part of your chest, laying on your stomach. The other reason not to wear them every day is because of the part when you have to take them off. It sticks to your skin, so you can imagine the rest. But don’t worry, it doesn’t do any waxing job, so the sticky part isn’t that intense…just enough to hold trough the day without you losing any pieces. We wouldn’t want that, it would be worse than stripes showing off.

So here is a link where you can get this #1 solution, and a life saver for any great occasion. The ones I use are the dream shapers that you can buy at LaSenza store.

Here is a link where you can get this product online: http://www.lasenza.com/eng/products/accessories/others/feather-lite-push-up-bra?385201-021

The dress I got from a discounted and temporally store as told in the D.I.Y post. I know that it was sold or supposed to be sold in the stylexchange stores under the brand called nu numero, but I couldn’t find the item on the internet. Sorry!!


We have a beautiful visitor


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He came one day to our porch and in the garden of our next door neighbors and hasnt left since. With our neigbhors we have been giving it food and water every day hoping that he would regain his force and leave to his family. We have realized since that it doesnt seem to have anywhere to go. He hasnt left our gardens since his arrival.



We havent decided yet what to do with it, but it seems fine and healthy living outdoors. Maybe when the winter approaches we will have to give it shelter and a warm home.

Till then … I guess I have a new friend saying hello every time I quit my house in the morning.

If you ever had a nice visitor like this one, please leave a comment below! I would love to find out about your story.

The story of a dress that inspired my room to get dressed


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I have to say, I fell in love at first sight… well with a dress.

My mother got herself a dress in a discount store (and usually I don’t shop with her for the reason that I hate these type of stores). It was to tight for her, so she asked me if i wanted the dress. At first i tought, God!! I must hate it since my mother chose it. Usually we totally don’t have the same taste in things ( I say things and I meen EvErYtHiNg). And I tought to myself, now i will have to pretend i like the dress and that it’s pretty. Usually my way out is, it dosen’t fit me. This time it didn’t fit me, but the dress was beautifull. I didn’t see anything similar to it in the stores. Flirty, it was, and just perfect for the summer.

So guess what happend?? … I went to her discount store and exchanged it for the right size so that it would fit me. Even funnier, I ended up buying some extra shorts (and usualy i never shop in the stores recomended buy my mother)…but that’s beside the point.

Here is the funniest part. The dress inspird me to dress up my room. Well actualy, it’s flirty, summery and floral prints, inspired me to add a summery touch and some flowers to my room. It came out to be this easy, quick and cheap (like my mom’s stores) D.I.Y. project.


Here is how to recreate this flower ball for your room to get dressed.

  • First: You need flowers and a styromouseball. I got mine at the dollar store (called Dollarama). You can get yours there if you are from Canada, but any flowers will do the trick (real or plastick). An advice is to use not more than 3 difrent colors of flowers, so it looks more natural and less cheap. Most importantly: use the flowers that you like, and the colors you love!!!


  • Second: Stick your flowers in the ball, and place them ass you like. My advise to this step is to glue some of the green leafs if there is some holes, or seetrought spots between the flowers. This covers up the buttom and makes it look much better.


  • Third: Add a ribbon to hang or diposit on a flat surface anywhere you like.


This is an easy and unexpensive project. Great for special occasions like weddigns (you can use real flowers and hang them over the tables or use smaler versions and hang them on a nice branch in a vase for a central pice.

If you reecreat this, pleace leave a comment below or tag a picture so I can see the result!!

Love you all.

For those who were wondering…I will post a picture off the dress very soon, it was getting wached as I was writing this post.