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I have to say, I fell in love at first sight… well with a dress.

My mother got herself a dress in a discount store (and usually I don’t shop with her for the reason that I hate these type of stores). It was to tight for her, so she asked me if i wanted the dress. At first i tought, God!! I must hate it since my mother chose it. Usually we totally don’t have the same taste in things ( I say things and I meen EvErYtHiNg). And I tought to myself, now i will have to pretend i like the dress and that it’s pretty. Usually my way out is, it dosen’t fit me. This time it didn’t fit me, but the dress was beautifull. I didn’t see anything similar to it in the stores. Flirty, it was, and just perfect for the summer.

So guess what happend?? … I went to her discount store and exchanged it for the right size so that it would fit me. Even funnier, I ended up buying some extra shorts (and usualy i never shop in the stores recomended buy my mother)…but that’s beside the point.

Here is the funniest part. The dress inspird me to dress up my room. Well actualy, it’s flirty, summery and floral prints, inspired me to add a summery touch and some flowers to my room. It came out to be this easy, quick and cheap (like my mom’s stores) D.I.Y. project.


Here is how to recreate this flower ball for your room to get dressed.

  • First: You need flowers and a styromouseball. I got mine at the dollar store (called Dollarama). You can get yours there if you are from Canada, but any flowers will do the trick (real or plastick). An advice is to use not more than 3 difrent colors of flowers, so it looks more natural and less cheap. Most importantly: use the flowers that you like, and the colors you love!!!


  • Second: Stick your flowers in the ball, and place them ass you like. My advise to this step is to glue some of the green leafs if there is some holes, or seetrought spots between the flowers. This covers up the buttom and makes it look much better.


  • Third: Add a ribbon to hang or diposit on a flat surface anywhere you like.


This is an easy and unexpensive project. Great for special occasions like weddigns (you can use real flowers and hang them over the tables or use smaler versions and hang them on a nice branch in a vase for a central pice.

If you reecreat this, pleace leave a comment below or tag a picture so I can see the result!!

Love you all.

For those who were wondering…I will post a picture off the dress very soon, it was getting wached as I was writing this post.