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Remember the D.I.Y project I did to create a flower ball to dress up your room?? Well as promised here is the dress That inspired that project. Here it finally is!!!20120909-214403.jpg


Even if the summer is coming to an end and the occasions to wear such a summery dress are slowly disappearing there is a pretty good reason for me to show you the dress.

Any one noticed that open back concept?? Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Not only is it sexy, but it also adds something extra to any kind of outfit. An open back creates something special on the plainest and most simple clothing item. It can be a long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, a dress or even a jacket (well… maybe not a jacket…that could be weird!! unless …it is created carefully or by an haute couture designer) an open back is something that can take your outfit to a whole other level of fabulous.

The only way to achieve it to fabulous is by wearing it right!!! Here it is … the PROBLEM!!

How do you pull of an open back with the hold for the front part?? Well ??  By not wearing a bra of corse!!  Okay, relax!! I was just kidding!

What I really mean is = By wearing the right bra, ladies! Well here we have our real reason for this post.


One of my favorite bras and my absolute go to for this kinda situation is what i call ”the sticky bra’’!! You heard right!! It is a bra with no back or shoulder stripes. The front part actually sticks to the skin with some kind of sticky silicone. The front looks like a regular bra with a clip in the middle wich creates a push-up effect. A great solution for dresses with no back, where the regular adjustable bras don’t do any justice at all.


20120909-211826.jpgMy advice is do not wear them every day, because they don’t give you the same support a regular pice would. You don’t want to en up with the nice part of your chest, laying on your stomach. The other reason not to wear them every day is because of the part when you have to take them off. It sticks to your skin, so you can imagine the rest. But don’t worry, it doesn’t do any waxing job, so the sticky part isn’t that intense…just enough to hold trough the day without you losing any pieces. We wouldn’t want that, it would be worse than stripes showing off.

So here is a link where you can get this #1 solution, and a life saver for any great occasion. The ones I use are the dream shapers that you can buy at LaSenza store.

Here is a link where you can get this product online: http://www.lasenza.com/eng/products/accessories/others/feather-lite-push-up-bra?385201-021

The dress I got from a discounted and temporally store as told in the D.I.Y post. I know that it was sold or supposed to be sold in the stylexchange stores under the brand called nu numero, but I couldn’t find the item on the internet. Sorry!!