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Every girl I know can’t wait for the september issue of Vogue. As far as I remember the september issue of Vogue has been my favorite issue every year. Ne wonder !! Think about all the effort they put into it to produce  the september issues of Vogue.


When this years issue came out, I couldnt wait to put my hands on it. I automatically bought two of them. I always use one so I can trim the pages and use the ones that inspire me most in my inspiration book. But what I liked most about this issue was the fact that, not only they took the time to loock back in time and publish the pictures they took of the most inspiring fashion icons from their past issues, they actually added 2 covers from their past publication. You can also see Marilyn Monroe’s photo dressed in Christian Dior haute couture from 1962 and Marie-Lise Gres’ picture taken in 1963. I love the vintage pictures and covers they show us this month.

I actually got an idea to frame the two vintage  cover pages of Vogue and hang them in my walk in closet. It gives an extra touch of glamour. And who inspires most Glamour and fashion if it isnt Vogue!!

Here is what you will need to recreate this project yourself!

1-Get an issue of September’s Vogue for God’s sake! Well, get two actually you can never have enough Vogue Magazines lying around if you ask me!

2- Get big enough frames to fit a Vogue page perfectly. I got mine at Wall Mart. Any frames you like will do the trick

3-Cut out the two pages of the vintage Vogue covers that are attached to the cover page of this months issue and put them in the frames!!

There you go you got your vintage Vogue Wall frames all ready to hang!!



Optional: Print out pictures of the fashion icons you like or any fashion inspiration picture and frame them to add an extra touch of glamour to your walls.


Sorry about the quality of these pictures I took, it was late so the lightning wasnt impressive.