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Has anybody ever dreamed of visiting the 7 wonders of the world?? For me I it has been my dream since i was little. A dream that hasn’t changed, but today, that dream has grown. It seems to me I wanna visit the whole world. The thing is, if you visit the world, some places aren’t as clean, comfortable or safe as home! But well you got to take the risk and give some things up to realize your dream! Isnt it so??


When you really want to get a rest and just relax, giving up comfort cleanness and the safe feeling isn’t the best idea! So you get to make choices. What place should you visit in that case (when you’re not so in an adventuress exploring mood)? My go to, since you all know I live in Canada, is Niagara Falls and believe me I’ve visited a few times! Every time is as exiting and fun. The falls, well let’s say, you never get to see them the same way (the same water doesnt fall twice)!

For those who been wondering where I’m getting with this post and why it should interest you!? Well if you ever get to visit I got a few tips to give you about what to do and where to stay!!

The absolute things to do: 1- well of course take a walk next to the falls the view is absolutely breath-taking). My tip is, wake up early in the morning ( I know what your thinking, but still) and take your walk before 9am. Every body is still sleeping and there is none on the falls. You have them for yourself and the feeling is amazing!!

2- if you get to book a hotel book it on the Canadian side. Here is why: you get more attractions on the Canadians side at night. You can shop late for souvenirs, have fun on Clifton hill which is amazing at night in all it’s lights! Days you get to enjoy the american side in all its nature by visiting their great park and walking on the rainbow bridge to get there!

3- where to stay? Well if u ask me I’m all about hotels. I like the fancy ones too… since I’m a germ freak and I’m somehow convinced they are much cleaner than motels or other hotels! Go figure why! Well I’ve visited a few and here are my top 2: The Sheraton on Clifton hill is amazing! Great service, kind employees. And right on Clifton hill. At night you get to walk around, enjoy and shop without having to think about getting back to the hotel… You’re already there… same street,remember! And when you’re in your room, if you booked the right room you get to observe the falls from far, the lights of all the amazing attractions and people walking around at your feet ( they have windows that open so you get to look outside). The other hotels, most commonly, don’t get windows that open up… as a precaution when you book in upper level rooms. And a total plus: they have a Starbucks coffee in the lobby! Now who can complain about that?? But dont book there if you want to see the falls from your room up close, go to…



The second hotel I love: the Oakes hotel overlooking the falls! Now this is the best view of the falls that you can get from a hotel-room. The falls are so close that you have the feeling you can touch them ( not quite, but still!). If you book this hotel get the falssview room and upper level ( floor 8and+) if you want your money’s worth! If you can’t get your hands on such a room, go to Sheraton!! Okay here are some of te other hotels I’ve been to at the falls which are good, but didn’t impress me when you compare $ to view or what they get to offer: Hilton and Marriott!

And for those who want to pay less I suggest comfort inn on Clifton hill: I got to visit it since my mom and sister stayed there last time we went. It looks great, smelled clean, has nice rooms and a great location too! Plus it costs half the price I payed for the other hotels listed above ( but no view included ).


20120918-095020.jpgOkay my must do attractions now if you go: 1-maid of the mist boart trip overlooking the falls. Is great and you get so close that you really do get wet even do they give you a rain poncho! so go when it’s really hot and maybe after pictures if you don’t want a hair disaster. 2-bird kingdom is a great place to visit for animal lovers 3- wax museum on Clifton hill and the ripleys believe it or not museum 4- for those who aren’t scared of heights you should do the sky wheel at nighttime. Just because the view is amazing then!!

My last tip is going to be there on Fridays or saturday in summer since they do fireworks those two nights for the visitors to see!!