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Here is my before and after…and some tips for you out there!!


Everybody knows the real value of fashion and a glamorous impression. If you don’t!? Let me tell you: Expensive!! But does it really have to be ?? Well no! I think with the right amount of fabulous work and inspiration you can accomplish anything. Yes even a good hair coloring job. But careful not every color can and should be achieved at home.

If you ask me coloring your own hair should only been done if you feel comfortable doing it yourself. You have to be confident that what you do will end up looking good. If you’re not sure… don’t do it at all or go do it in the hair-saloon.

My tip for the perfect at home hair coloring achievement is:

1- Only color your hair in the same nuance or darker if you do it yourself.

If you want to go lighter, visit a professional, especially if it is much lighter than what your current color is. Also if your hair is colored, you should see a professional before lightning, since you might have trouble with the pigmentation and he undertones might come out differently as a cause of the pigmentation in your current colour.

Getting lighter is much harder if you want an even color. The heat of your scalp accelerates the lightening process at the roots. Since the ends of your strands are much cooler you might easily end up with super light roots and much much darker ends. Plus, it is a much more chemical procedure that can easily harm your hair. If you still want to do it, then do the exact opposite of my coloring advice, and wait till your ends are light enough before adding the bleach to the two inches near your scalp. If you have long hair and have colored it, start from the ends and slowly work up till the top by waiting between applications as the bleach lightens the ends. But my advise stays the same: lightening your hair is always better done by a professional and with less damage. After all you want shiny and healthy looking hair.

20120927-213434.jpg2- If you color your hair yourself. And I mean color with a shade, not bleach. You should always do your roots first and leave the ends untouched for some extra time. I follow the role: 3/4 of the total time mentioned on the box for the roots and then add the color to your ends for that extra 1/4 of the time left. By roots I mean an approximate of 5 inches to 7 inches of the hair starting from your scalp if it’s the first time you apply the color. You wonder why?? Well because… your ends seem to have much more open cuticles which helps the color to penetrate much easier and faster. The cuticles of the roots are much more closed so it takes a bigger amount of time for the color to work in. By following this rule you get much more of an even coverage effect.

3-If its a retouch, apply only on the visible roots for the first 2-3 touch-ups.

The fort time you touch up your roots follow the 3/4 and 1/4 method mentioned above. This will help you to get an even shade. As you may realize just by looking around that some people seem to have darker ends and lighter roots. It’s not ideal unless you’re doing the ambre trend. It’s explaind by the fact that by recoloring hair completly each time, the color stacks up on the ends as the roots only have one layer of color.


4-Prepare your hair before coloring.

Don’t wash your hair at least a day before coloring. Brush hair throughly. Separate your hair in four even parts using pins. It is much easier to die each part separately than attacking the whole head at once, especially if you have thick hair.

5-People always condition your hair well after coloring.

This will help help to repair damage and the cuticles to close and keep the color sealed. My extra advise: don’t wash hair with hot water, always tend to wash with cooler water. Hot water opens cuticles and open cuticles let the color out, so it fades over time quicker. Cold water closes cuticles, seals in color and gives you shinier looking hair.

6- Of corse respect the skin and skin tone.

Well by skin i mean, cover it up before coloring, put some extra cream around the face or some vaseline. Wear protective gloves and a thin long sleeve sweater you hate (since it might get messy) and a towel. Long sleeve?? … because it protects your arms. By skin tone I mean, don’t go to crazy and seek for colors that match your skin tone nicely. If your not sure, seek professional advice. After all you don’t wanna look like something or someone you don’t want to look alike. 😉

7-Cover up the surface of your bathroom since the color might be hard to wash away.









I used, and it’s one of my all time favorites the perfect 10 colour from clairol you can visit : http://www.clairol.com/en-US/products/perfect-10/high-gloss-hair-dye

Let me know if these tips helped you!! Hope they did. And always be carful and follow the instructions on the box before coloring!!