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Here is the perfect manicure to create for this fall for every fashionista out there. A manicure inspired by the recent trends: mate nails, beet red colors and why not a touch of gold for a more glamorous and polished effect.

This goes perfectly with all the outfits and trends out there this season. We know that the it color of this fall and winter is red. To be precise the dark and beet red colors are the colors of every fashion show or magazine you look at. The it accessory, as most of you know, is a gold accent, especially around the neck. So why not combine the two and create the it nail manicure by adding the mate effect that is so popular for nails now!!

Here is how…


You will need : A base coat nail polish, a gold nail polish, a dark beet red colored polish and a mattifying top coat polish.

I used …

Essies grow stronger fortifying treatment base coat that you can get here : http://www.essie.com/shop/grow-stronger-FORTIFYING-GROWTH-TREATMENT-p-104.html

Joe fresh nail polishes in sun kissed for the gold color and beet. I couldn’t find a link for the gold color I guess it’s because it must be from their previous collection, but here is a link so you can look up the information for the beet polish :http://www.joefresh.com/en/product/nail-polish-beet

Sorry I don’t have a link for you to buy it online, but I hope you can find a store near you where they sell the brand because there polishes are a very good quality for a unexpensive price!!

Mate finish top coat by butter london that you can get here : http://butterlondon.ca/lacquers/base/top-coat/matte-finish-topcoat

1- Apply two coats of your favorite base coat polish on perfectly cleaned nails.



2-Apply two coats of your favorite gold polish on your nails and let dry perfectly.



3-Apply a dark red polish on top of the gold color by out leaving a little straight line at the bottom of each nail. I did this with the brush only, but you can use tape or nail lacquer stencils used for french manicure to help you out.

20121020-201634.jpg     20121020-201739.jpg

Here is what the result looks like. You can keep it like this or add the next step.


4-Last and the magic step is by applying a mattifying top coat on only the red colored part of your nail.




A tip is to let your nails dry very well between applications for each step. And be careful after applying the mattifying top coat because it seems to take a while to dry properly and this means you can mess up your manicure if not careful enough.

Let me know what you think!! And hope you try it out cuz it looks even better in real life since the pictures don’t do it justice!!

thanks for stopping by 😉